Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tamapeke the Whale

  With our bags on the bank and us on the grove, we were having a bombing competition. I noticed something in the water. Then,. when we were in the water at the same time, something unusual happened.

  With four of us jumping in, only three came back out. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw my cousin Tane getting dragged by a whale. Then out of the blue my brother pulled out a gun and shot the whale. Sadly for Tane it was his old friend and thanks to my brother he wasn’t badly damaged.

 Getting scared by the bullets the whale swam into rocks which caused Tane to get concussed. Tamapeke the whale then knew he was hurting Tane , so he took him back to shore and tried to talk to us but I was the only one that understood him. “ Stop shooting, he’s Tanes friend. Roy call an ambulance”, I screamed as Tamapeke was crying. Later on in the day Tane and his friend were in hospital.

 In the end, Tamapeke had a personal trainer to help him recover and so did Tane. My cousins, brother and I started up a Aquatic center where hurt animals can live until they are fully recovered like a hospital.

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