Friday, April 5, 2013

My Sponge bob Story

 Looking at the waves, Sponge-Bob and Patrick were going for their everyday 11 am surf at Wharepaku Beach. As the waves barrel, Sponge-Bob surfs through them. Surfing his little heart out,  "Wooaahhoaaah!!!!!!", Sponge-Bob screams while he dies beneath the waves (Not literally).

  Watching Sponge-Bob, Patrick chuckles with a smirk on his face. "Apply the sauce (glue)", Patrick says in a dumb voice. Why glue? well he thinks he can solve the problem of falling off his board.

  Tackling the waves,Patrick acts like the man. "I will not be separated", he demands. Nek minnit. Seeing a rock, he screams aloud,"SEPARATE, SEPARATE!!". Crashing into the rock, the waves separate Patrick from his board and skeleton.

  His skeleton flies out of his skin like a canon ball being shot in the air. Landing on the beach skeleton goes in the sand head first. Washing up ashore was the skin with two bits of board on the feet. "Nice sandals", the skeleton compliments to the skin. "Thank-you we're inseparable", skin replies.

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