Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Alive Heart Photo

Once upon a time there was an urban myth about a photo that live a life like any other human being. Everyday the photo would somehow get itself around the house, but when the family were home the photo was on the windowsill. But one day when the family were home, the saw the photo move and were scared. Because of that the family moved away because they thought the house was haunted. The mysterious photo followed them wherever they went, like a stalker. Because of that the family locked the doors as the photo cried. Until Finally they haven't seen the photo ever since. Ever since they haven’t seen the photo. They were afraid. The moral of the story is ohana means family and family means never leave anyone behind. The photo was so sad when the family left. Thats the moral.

This was based on Harry Potter how the photos can talk...

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