Friday, May 24, 2013

Bread With Mrs King

Nothings better than bread straight out of the oven. Today we had the opportunity of tasting school made bread hot and fresh from the oven. Momma King came in and gave us the instructions to make the bread.

  It was really fun making the mix but the boring bit was waiting for the yeast to rise. Luckily for me and Ana, (my partner), we sped up the time and put our mix in front of the heater. (Cheaters much) and then we added the rest of the mix and got dirty.... in flour. Well, only because we started kneading the bread.

  Other than waiting for our breads to bake, kneading would've had to be the 1 thing that made me most tired. On behalf of me and Ana I would like to thank Mama King for coming into school today and teaching us how to make bread. Thank You Very MUUUUCCCHHHH.. :)

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