Friday, May 10, 2013

That Power


WILL.I.AMs latest hit (That Power) is one inspirational song. When I was reading the lyrics, I didn't realize that the song was about trying your best to achieve in life with not the best surroundings.

  For instance: didn't grow up in one of the richest suburbs in the world. He lived in the projects which are government owned houses. (Just like my suburb Glen Innes). But here he is now as a world known pop artist. From poorly supported environments you can still go places in your life if you keep on trying. Just like WILL.I.AM.

  'That power', the title of his latest song, I believe describes that power you can have to make the world a much better place. "If you want to invent the next iPhone do it nobodies gonna stop you!", he quoted. (Or something like that)

  He donated an amazing amount of money to the Manaiakalani Cluster. I couldn't even believe it my self. 100,00 DOOOOLLLLLLAAAAARRRRRSSSS!!! Seeing him was one thing but performing for him was another. When our school found out that he was coming, most of us didn't believe that. he was coming to GI or even Pt.England School? I found it quite weird he would come to my school instead of a rich school. But then I heard his life story and figured out why he came. He grew up in a place just like Glen Innes. But in east California. He told us that if you have a dream you would like to pursue don't let anybody stop you from reaching your dream. I would like to thank the man him self WILL.I.AM for donating this enormous amount of money.

  Anyway performing infront of put this enormous amount of weight on my shoulders. !st of all was because I was a little star struck, and second of all was because he probably never seen a kapa haka performance ever. So I had to do it with kaha and mana. Which was had because I was soo sooo sooo sooo hungry. And a little bit nervous. You know how it is.

  It sucks that I didn't get to meet him in person but if I did the first thing I would say would probably be, "Kia ora, ko Tyla taku ingoa. Ko wai to ingoa. Kei hea to koutou o Black eyed Peas" really really fast or, "Hi".

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