Friday, December 13, 2013

Action World

Action world filled with amazing obstacles and based in Henderson, is where the yr 7s and I went to for our big day out. Traveling on a bus to the destination was giving me butterflies in my stomach. I just couldn’t stop thinking of the trapeze and high-wire.

 The bus pulls up and off the bus we get. Looking at the Action World, all my butterflies flew away because it was way smaller than I thought it would be. Greeting us there was a man called Jerry. He gave us instructions as soon as we sat down. He also introduced us to the other staff there.

 Split into four groups, we were assigned to a different obstacles. Out of four of the obstacles we tried my favourite was the trapeze. It made me feel like I was Tarzan which is my nickname. I thought that was pretty cool.

 It had been about an hour and it was free time. Straight away, Jorja and I raced to the jousting bridge to verse each other. In my head I was saying, “Its inevitable shes gonna win because of her size.” ….. Walking up the sides of the bridge, I was planning to tackle her down. But then meeting her in the middle of the bridge, I was hoping she wouldn’t hurt me.

 We were trying to force each other off using our arms. Pushing and grabbing, we were trying soo hard to make each other fall. Because of my amazingness, I triped her up and made her fall. She tried pulling me down with her. But once again my strong as mucles and calf muscles

Unusually, I defeated the giant and held my victory with pride. Jumping off the bridge, I struggled to get out of the soft padding. That kind of took my pride , but nevermind.  Unfortunately, free time wasn’t as long as I thought it would be. After going on the humongous trapeze, the big day out had finished and back to east was where we were going.

 Action world was such an amazing place to go and I would love to go back there again.

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