Saturday, December 21, 2013

Three More Days, AARRHH!!

  OMG!!! Three more days until Christmas and I JUST STARTED shopping today. I am soo worried that I wont get everyone in my family a present. I mean two days for five people. Are you serious?? Im kind of lucky though because the person I really wanted to get a present for was my mum.

   I was thinking of what I could get her. It was hard and I was running out of time so I thought, "Summer, shoes, JANDALS!!" Jandals it was, so off to Sylvia park my dad and I went. Getting the jandals was easy, it was trying to rap them up with out her noticing was the hard part.

   We got home and she had gone somewhere. I knew this was the only time I had to rap it up and put it under the tree so I did. I did a rushed job though because I kept thinking she would pull up and snap me. I did it, it was all rapped up and covered. But there was something missing. I looked at the other presents under the tree and couldn't find what it was. 

  Then she walked in and in her hand was the mail. "Card!", I said to myself. I ran to my room and quickly wrote a Merry Christmas on a paper and folded it up. I was just about to stick it on when I realise she was right behind me. Slowly turning around, I say to her, "Mum can you hear that I think its coming from the bathroom??" She turned around and walked off. Slamming the present, I put the card on it. "fewhh, one down, four to go."

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  1. hahahaha Thank you Tyla for my present. They are the best Jandals ever!


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