Monday, August 6, 2012

Chiefs Are The Best

Rugby League is one of the most exciting sports ever. Especially when the Chiefs are playing. Chiefs are like the best investec super rugby team ever. You may be wondering why I am in love with them so much? Well part of it is because they are from my home town WAIKATO, and also because Aaron Cruden, Richard Kahui and the all time favourite SONNY BILL WILLIAMS are in the amazing team.     "OLE OLE OLE OLE MOOLOO OLLE", I was  chanting while they were playing. With the Chiefs winning by 31, I had no doubt they weren't gonna lose. My friend and I had a bet that if the chiefs lose I had to owe her 5 dollars but if the sharks lost she had to owe me 5 dollars.

     Obviously the Chiefs won and why? Well as I said it is because the chiefs are the best. The score ended up to be 36-4 with the chiefs winning. Saturday was the most exciting day of last week for me.

     I reckon that their next game they will certainly win and not just by 31 but by 84. Thats how much I love the Chiefs. "OLLE OLLE OLLE OLLE MOOLLOO OLLE"


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