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Made up Interview with Valerie Adams

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News Reporter: Tonight I would like to welcome to the stage a 2 time gold medalist, based in Auckland, world record holder, shes Tongan, shes New Zealand's favourite athlete and after almost not being able to compete in the 2012 olympics it is the one the only, VALERIE ADAMS.

Valerie: Thank you Thank you. This is such a pleasure to be able to come on your show tonight.

News Reporter: So Valerie, after you won the world record for shot put in 2008, were you certain to keep it?

Valerie: Well as it was leading up to the next Olympics I knew that there was that 1 lady I had to beat.

News Reporter: Let me guess, is it the Belarusian lady that looks like a man

Valerie: Yes. She was the only other competitor I was worried about. After I had heard of all her long distances while she was training just before my world record. I was so worried I wasn’t even sure that I would keep my title. But other than Nadzeya Ostapchuk I was pretty confident.

News Reporter: Just out of curiosity, what do you do in your spare time.

Valerie: Most of the time I’m helping out my family and cooking. My brother and I often go for jogs with each other. He really encourages me when it leads up to competitions.

News Reporter: You and your brother must be really close. He sounds like the kind of brother thats got your back no matter what.

Valerie: Well, now that i’m a famous shot putter, he does have my back but before this he use to treat me like his brother.

News Reporter: What does he do to you?

Valerie Adams: He acts like he’s nice and innocent when he makes my breakfast,

News Reporter: Hang on a minute isn’t that nice?

Valerie Adams: Can I finish, thank you, as I go to eat my breakfast I had always seen that mysterious look on his face but because of my hunger I ate my breakfast and instead of sugar it was salt.

News Reporter: Okay, lets move on. So Valerie before you took the world title was their anybody better than you?

Valerie Adams: Yes well in 2002, there was no-one better than McMonkey McStupid in shot put. Not until 2008. It was when I won the Olympic Gold medal for shot put. McStupids dreams were shattered and so was his career. And that was the end of McMonkey McStupids story.

News reporter: Hold on a minute, How was a McMonkey better than any other human, and I thought we were talking about your story not McMonkey McStupids dream.

Valerie: Oh yes forgot, Well in 2002 I was still training with my coach Kirsten Hellier. I met my trainer in 1996 and was certain the she would be my coach for the next 11 years.   

News Reporter: And why are we talking about your trainer because?

Valerie: Sorry, getting side tracked. Anyway after training for 6 years, I thought it was time I put an end to Stupid Monkeys dreams. I knew it was time because I had already won a few gold medals.

News Reporter: From What?

Valerie: World championships and tuff

News Reporter: Wow

Valeri: On my way to Beijing I was thinking of all the victory taken off McMonkey and the victory put on me. By a shot put get it aye aye. Nevermind. Anyway look where I am now. World champion. Well second world champion.

News Reporter: Well that was a nice but confusing story about your career and McStupid McMonkey.

Valerie: Yea. Thanks for talk, maybe I'll win the next Olympics. Wait i’ll take that back. I'm GONNA WIN the next Olympics.

News Reporter: So can you give us some tips about shot put.

Valerie: Sure well, when you're about to put your canon ball, make sure it departs your hand at 140 c. And make sure to keep your feet inside the circle at all times and exit out the back of the circle.

News Reporter: Thanks Valerie Adams, this has been me the News reporter and Valerie talking abour how she go to where she is now. News Reporter signing out. Ka kite ano.

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  1. I love your made up Interview with Valerie Adams ;) and I found lots of things about her :D


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