Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medley Swimming

Medley swimming. What is it you may be asking? Well this event is a swimming relay which uses four people in a team. Each team player has their own swimming style. Only the four styles can be use. They are Backstroke a.k.a (Back Crawl), Breaststroke, Freestyle, and butterfly. Each team has to swim 8 lengths of the pool, which means each person in the team swims 2 lengths.

Swimming as fast as you can to the other end and back is the aim of this event. You can get held up by incorrect turns, not touching the wall and starting too early. If rules are not followed disqualifications will be made.

For athletes to be competitive, they have to make themselves as streamlined as possible.  Three different types of equipment are mostly what makes them streamline . Spandex togs, a cap and goggles are the three things that are needed. This event is swum in a 50m pool.

Swimmers training for the Olympics train differently depending on the season. They need to have the agility, speed, endurance and determination to become a winner.

I think it will be really fun if i had the opportunity to compete in the medley swimming relay. Thats only if I get to that point.

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